I am the visionary and co-founder of GRITS. I’m a Registered Nurse with over 18 years experience and I’ve traveled across the country caring for many patients for nearly a decade as a travel nurse. I absolutely LOVE assisting in the transformation process!

For many years, I’ve been an active role model and mentor for teens and other young kids in my family and community. I loved the opportunity to help transform their lives and help them become successful.

For the past three years, I’ve been a Nurse Entrepreneur pursuing my passion full time. I have great passion for helping broken women and teenage girls fearlessly pursue their passions and purpose while assisting them to optimal health.

It is my belief that by helping young teenage girls take care of and respect themselves now, then when they become older women, these practices will be naturally incorporated into their daily lives. This is why I love and invest in GRITS. It is my goal to interrupt their negative behavioral patterns and educate them on more positive behaviors to incorporate in their daily lives.

My hope is for each girl to recognize her worth, increase her self esteem, and make bold action in everything they do. It is also my hope that these young ladies learn how to develop genuine, loving, and meaningful relationships amongst each other and be able to identify and implement true sisterhood.

The end result would be an array of strong, intelligent, and highly confident women who aren’t threatened by other women of the same attributes. They will know how to love themselves, receive love, and most importantly be able to give love unconditionally.

I believe in this and I believe in GRITS. This is what keeps me motivated daily- even on my toughest day. I keep going because GRITS is needed.

Suprena Hickman