Our mentors are simply “everyday people” who are passionate about helping young girls during such a critical time if growth in their lives. They have working backgrounds ranging from education, social work, medical, technology, and etc. each person brings their own uniqueness to the table- which provides added support to our young ladies. We are always looking for more committed mentors to assist us with this workload. All mentors are properly screened to be able to work with these young ladies. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or a volunteer for our organization, please click HERE and return the completed form to info@girlsrocking.org

Calandria Williams

My name is Calandria Williams, but everyone calls me Landy. For me, mentoring is about navigating life one decision at a time. Life happens fast and it is filled with decisions and challenges;

sometimes these challenges along with our own decisions can weigh us down. The end result is life takes us to unexpected places however we should be taking life by the reins while making purposeful, intentional steps toward our goals.

Reality is we have but a few short years to get prepared for life before we are out on our own. Most teens and young adults are just unprepared for this journey. No one can navigate life alone. My personal growth has not only been the result of meeting challenges head on but because of people who were willing to get in the trenches with me.

My role will be to help provide life skills and leadership coaching, as well as help establish a firm foundation and being someone who believes in our young ladies. I am willing to get in the trenches with them when needed in order to assist them when things get sticky and to remind and encourage them that all hope is not lost. I am committed to mentoring these young ladies and I’m willing to be accountable to, for and with them.

My desire is that every young lady in GRITS believes in herself, remains determined and is intentional about each step of her journey.